Finding Your Soul Mate

Canary Islands Cruise 2014

Thank you to the Source of this information, Abraham-Hicks

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Video by Dewdrop157

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Bonus: Bleeding Hearts (Not a wildflower)
Pink rose, a peace offering to the world
Love Flowers
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A love birds' kiss
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  1. mylaukr

    25.02.15., at 2.41 pm

  2. L.J.C. Loves
  3. flexman22

    Epic! Helps me to understand more why Abraham doesn’t (though they might
    one day if LOA works it that way) directly tell people where to go, or give
    them specific details such as lottery numbers, etc. I think it’s because
    that perception of a higher being has been culturised into us and so we
    think Abraham is such an entity, and somehow if we act one way or another
    (we’re good or bad in their eyes) we’ll get direction from them or not.
    That’s BS though, because Abraham is just a mirror, that’s it.

    I think the confusion arises from when Abraham states things that we don’t
    think we know, such as ‘we’ve seen your lover’, hence why we believe we’re
    separate from them. As far as we’re concerned we may not have seen our
    lover. But then how do we really know Abraham has either. Why would they
    say that then, why would they lie? They aren’t lying, mirrors can’t lie
    (unless it’s a funny mirror, lol). They’re just reflecting a belief we have
    inside of us. We’re more likely in our culture to believe that what we
    believe to be a higher being knows things that we don’t, so they’re a
    perfect reflection of that. All of life is a mirror, but Abraham is like a
    more focused mirror standing on a stage, in person form, speaking words. It
    is easier to understand that mirror image, but at the same time it is easy
    to forget that that’s all they are.

    When I realise that I am not the mirror, then I’m more likely to realise
    who I really am and go from there. Thanks! :D

  4. urmzogna

    I like how she Hicks/Abraham gives the answer immeditately. And how we
    still want to ask the question instead of fully absorbing and understanding
    and applying the answer. Participation (the desire to) is why and other

  5. Elizren

    What happen when the audience went wild at about seven minutes 

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