Dating Advice For Women

Do you find that your dating life is overly complicated? In this video, Adam offers dating advice for women to simplify every aspect of their love life.

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How many times have you heard the following statement from a friend? “My dating life is so complicated…I can’t even tell you where to begin.”

Do you ever roll your eyes and want to reply with, “Your dating life isn’t complicated, YOU are making it complicated!”

Of course, sometimes there are VERY real complications in life, but most of the time we make our love lives way more complicated and difficult than need be. I believe that anyone can actively choose to live a simple dating life so long as they follow a few clear principles.

In this short video I’ll share with you the seven easiest ways to simplify your love life.

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19 Responses

  1. Sexy Confidence

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
    Albert Einstein.

    This week’s video puts me up to the ultimate test: Simplifying your dating

  2. Anna Plö

    best advice i’ve heard in a long time, thank you so much for this! 🙂 your
    videos are always so helpful reminders to me!

  3. aag rlc

    LOVE your videos! Solid advice.

  4. Kirsty Ryan

    I did a lot of nodding. It’s simple advice that we should know, but it’s
    good to have a reminder sometimes! My brain, heart, and gut are always
    arguing, I never know what to follow. Maybe I’ll try following the gut next
    time :)

  5. Demetra Blakely

    Holy shit, I did all the wrong things in my last relationship. It’s a new
    year and time to do better. Single and ready to move forward strong. Great
    videos you post here, they really help me. Keep them coming!

  6. NewJohariClassic

    I love your videos even though it’s things I don’t like to hear haha Merry

  7. npnpnp

    So good, thanks. I often imagine that the other person is committed &
    trustworthy even when they are not at all. :/

  8. Pavlina F.

    Best best best advices

  9. bibbyni

    I like your groovy music and dance :)

  10. jess marco

    I cant believe this gay guy is giving women advice for dating men

  11. Gillian Sullivan

    I’d love to see you do a video about what girls should look out for when a
    guy just wants to have sex. Some girls can’t tell the difference between a
    guy who genuinely wants to get to know them and guys who just want to hook

  12. Rach Het

    Facking stupid stupid stupid ……… facking stupid…….. fa….

  13. Kayla Davis

    Yeah but what if you guys were in love then now your falling apart but
    still talk… what do you do? How do you know it’s real?. I need help..

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  15. CupidsPulse

    We really enjoyed this video! Every piece of advice was so true,
    complicating your love life is the main problem many people have. Hope you
    take a peak at some of our relationship advice videos!

  16. RedAntFashion

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    because your heart and your gut actually send more information to your
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  17. TRUmatch

    Keep It Simple Stupid! Some great tips to dating and relationships in

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