Lovers Or Friends

What Is The Difference Between Like And Love


Being Friends Not LoversWe are some of the most complex creatures out there. One moment we want this and the next moment we want something else. This is also where the difference between like and love comes in. But to put this into perspective, let’s look at some examples.

You meet somebody new and you are totally infatuated with that person. Everything they do and say makes you all tingly inside. When that person is not around you feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach and you struggle to sleep. You might even feel a sense of longing towards that person, even though you don’t know them very well.

Now, in a romantic world this is considered “love at first sight”, but the truth is that you just like that person very much. They are new and exciting, which causes an interest. But take note that when you start getting to know that person better you’ll find some things that aren’t so likable. Beyond all the infatuation you are going to see things you DON’T like.

So how would you define love then? Well, for starters love entails a sense of companionship. It comes in many different forms and in many cases we can’t really choose who we end up loving. But if you want to get to the root of love then you have to add commitment, friendship and support to the mix, because love holds much more substance than simply liking somebody.

Loving You

You won’t mind spending time with somebody you like, but would you risk your life for them? This analogy might sound a little extreme, but this is what love can make a person do. If your partner is in trouble then you’ll either stand with them while they fall or you’ll take their place.

In the end true love is blind. Once you get past that “like” phase then you are going to love a person, regardless of whether or not they have the particular characteristics you want in a partner.

It should also be said that love is much more dangerous than “like”. If somebody doesn’t like you back then it’s not much of a big deal, but if they don’t love you back then it can cause a lot of heartache and depression.

Ultimately you will discover that if you simply like someone or something then you can afford to move on without them. However, if you are in love then it’s not going to be so easy.